Dear Colleagues and friends,

In January 2020, we will be celebrating a decade since the initial conference on preparedness and preparedness for dealing with emergency and disaster situations.  IPRED 6 will be held in Tel-Aviv and I have the privilege to lead the scientific committee of this conference.

We intend to create a conference that will be somewhat different; content-wise, a significant part of the emphasis will be on disasters and emergencies in the era of “Fake News”, as well as new technologies in the field of disasters and emergencies, the use of blood products at the scene, cyber applications, social networks in emergency and disaster situations and more. We intend to incorporate TED-like talks, as well as pressing issues (“hot topics”) on the global agenda in the presentation formats. This will include some controversial topics from differing expert perspectives and we will present a variety of opinions and engage the audience in a meaningful discourse. In addition, we will also introduce short lectures (“5 minutes, 5 pictures, 1 idea”) that will convey a brief message on research or a leading idea in our fields of interest.

We are all well aware of the importance of building and promoting the network of participants by making meetings more accessible and encouraging interaction between participants. We will facilitate discussions between renowned leaders in the field of disasters management and disaster medicine and their peers and with young researchers and practitioners in their respective fields. We strive for collaboration between health practitioners and colleagues from other, such as emergency services, rescue teams, security and safety practitioners, communications, logistics, and more. IPRED 6 is definitely a place to visit if you plan to build a wider network in the field.

As part of the conference, a large-scale hospital evacuation exercise will be carried out. Explanations and walkthroughs will be provided to international participants for better understanding of Israeli policies and practices.

Now it is your turn – be part. Give us ideas, suggestions and requests and we assure you that we will consider their integration seriously and with full attention. Do not hesitate – we are open to hear and consider any idea, whichever that may be.

And do not forget that Tel Aviv is an experience by itself: a non-stop city with some of the world’s leading entertainment options. The weather in Tel Aviv, despite the fact that January is considered winter in Israel, is usually relatively comfortable.

We promise you a different experience and we all look forward to seeing you in Tel Aviv in January 2020.

Best regards

Prof. Kobi Peleg