Dr. Eran Tal-Or is a Specialist in Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine with a Master’s Degree in Health Administration.

Dr. Eran Tal-Or is the director of the Helmsley Institute for Simulation at Zefad Academic College

Dr. Tal-Or was the Director of the Emergency Department at Pade-Poria Medical Center Israel, till the end of March 2023. Where he also serves as the Director of Hospital Disaster Preparedness.

Dr. Tal-Or is a Lecturer at Bar-Ilan University in the Faculty of Medicine in Safed and is responsible for teaching emergency and trauma medicine.  He is the Medical Director of the Israeli Medical Assistant Company that specializes in flying the sick and injured from foreign countries and returning them to Israel.

Dr. Tal-Or is a member of the Disaster Preparedness Committee of the Israeli Ministry of Health which includes responsibility on a national level for readying hospitals for mass-casualty events using the all hazards approach.  This includes writing and implementing standardized protocols for potential CBERNE events throughout Israel.

Dr. Tal-Or started his career as a paramedic and continued for 28 years as a physician in the elite helicopter search and rescue unit of the Israeli Air Force known as 669. He participated in numerous missions, including rescues from foreign countries. In addition, he participated in aid expeditions to disaster areas such as the earthquake in Turkey, India, and Naples. He also served as the Director of Hospital Triage during the Israeli Field Hospital mission to the earthquake in Nepal in 2015.


Dr. Tal-Or was part of the steering committee for the establishment of the simulation center at the Sheba Medical Center. He has been involved in medical simulation over the years.

Eran lives in the north of Israel, is the father of four children and one grandson.

Dr. Tal-Or was part of the organizing committee of IPRED starting with the first conference until today. He is honored to serve as the Chairman of IPRED VII.


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