Organizing Committee Members

Rafi GolaniChair of the Organizing CommitteeMPH, MA
Senior Department Director for Emergency Response in the Ministry of Health
Eran Tal-OrChair of IPRED VII conferenceM.D. M.H.A.
Director of Emergency medicine department Pade-Poria Medical Center Israel Ministry of Health, Bar-Ilan University
Prof. Dorit NizanChairman of the Academic CommitteeProf.
Masters in Emergency Medicine- Preparedness and Readiness for Emergencies and Disasters Program , School of Public Health & Chair, Food Systems, One Health and Resilience
Ronit Ringel(BGU-FOR) Initiative. Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Director of community health services preparedness for emergencies and disasters
Emergency & Disaster Management
Department Division Israel Ministry of Health
Noa Tamir-HasdaiMPH
Director of Health Emergecny Operation & National Doctrine
Director of the Health EOC
Emergency & Disaster Management Department, Israel Ministry of Health
Asher SalmonM.D Ph.D
Director, department of international relations Ministry of health
Ran Adelstain MBA , MHA
Logistic manger emergency department ministry of health
Loc. Diana Hertzog Head of Hospital Preparedness Branch Medical Department HFC
Sara StreissfeldMBA
Director Of Administration And Human Resources
Ministry Of Health
Lieutenant colonel Merav Shabi SultanMBA
Head of the community and continuous hospitalization Branch at the HFC