IPRED V ePoster Presentations


Step-by-step instructions for your ePoster presentation:


  1. Must be portrait/vertical
  2. Resolution: vertical (height) 1920 X horizontal (width) 1080
  3. 2 options for preparing: can prepare in Paint or PowerPoint


PowerPoint (recommended):

–          Select Design

–          Slide size

–          Custom Slide Size

–          Orientation: Portrait

–          Slides sized for: On-Screen show (16:9)

–          Ok

–          Maximize

–          File, Save As

–          PNG File



–          Open a new page

–          Select resize and a window will open

–          Select Pixels and enter the pixels vertical (height) 1920 X horizontal (width) 1080 in the correct boxes (2 top boxes)

–          Click Ok

–          Save file as PNG file


Please ensure to send us your ePoster presentations at least 2 weeks before the conference so that we can make sure that all ePosters are formatted correctly.

If you have not yet registered for the conference, please do so as soon as possible to remain as an ePoster presenter:

Israeli registration: https://ipred5-il.kld-conf.com/

International registration: https://ipred5-os.kld-conf.com/


Please contact Ilanit for any questions relating to your ePoster: ilanit@kld.ltd