IPRED 6 drill – January 15th 2020


With the Home Front Command Rescue forces and (EMT 3) the I.D.F Field Hospital

The exercise theme of IPRED 6 is casualties treatment in a destruction site.
The exercise will take place at Zikim Base, where there is an area which simulates a destruction site. It is used to train the various units that have to cope with a variety of problems that can arise in these areas, such as :

  • Military units, like the Home Front Command Rescue Unit
  • Firefighter units
  • Medical rescue units, such as Magen David Adom
  • Air force Rescue Unit
  • Police units.

In addition, an IDF field hospital (EMT 3 hospital) will be also deployed.
It will be built on-site to receive the simulated “casualties” during the drill.