Pre-Conference Workshops


Ultrasound in Mass Causality
Empowering Rescue to Resuscitation in Austere Environment


Over the years use of ultrasound during disaster is limited to FAST and guided nerve block in field. This course mainly emphasizes on the use of point of care (POC) ultrasound for taking critical management decisions between the periods of rescue to resuscitation in austere environment. The workshop is offered to medical doctors, nurses and paramedics who are deployed during mass casualty as a team. The group has designed and successfully conducted the course nationally and internationally in World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Toronto, 2017 and was highly appreciated.

This is a hands on course where candidates will be trained in recognizing basic ultrasound anatomy, understanding basic physics and practical use of the ultrasound machine (Knobology), conjuring the appropriate ultrasound images and findings to the correct decision and treatment protocols.

Target group:

Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics

Duration of Course: 10 Hours

Max number of participants: 24 per batch

Instructor: Student ratio: 1:6 (one instructor for 6 students)

*Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation.


Community Emergency Response Seminar


The seminar is designed to provide participants with seven guidelines to save lives and is divided into several parts.

Firstly, empowerment is key during such an incident, as there is no worse feeling than standing by and watching those close suffer. The seminar is designed to leave participants with a “Can do” attitude to be able to help those close in times of need. Second, participants will be treated to an array of presentations by the most experienced MDA personnel who will teach them about MCI management, triage and treatment. Third, the participants will practice the skills they were taught during the presentation under the guidance of the MDA personnel. Practicing the skills has been found to help the participants internalize the information they have been given during the seminar. Lastly, the participants will have the opportunity to gauge their skills through live drills.

Following the drills, the participants will return to the classroom with the instructors and study the drill to draw conclusions and understand in which areas to strengthen.

Duration of Course: 5 Hours

Max number of participants: 40

*Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation.


Advancements and Challenges in Treating the Massively Bleeding Patient


The seminar is designed to provide participants with insight, scientific background and practical implementation to improve treatment of the massively bleeding patients in pre and in- hospital settings.

Participants will be exposed to the understanding of the mechanism of Remote Damage Control Resuscitation, the concept of Blood Failure in the massively bleeding patients and novel treatment modalities in the pre-hospital and in-hospital settings.

The work of THOR (Trauma Hemostasis & Oxygenation Reach) in studying the mechanism of severe bleeding and promoting novel treatment modalities will be presented by key members of the organization and its working groups.

A multi-disciplinary panel of international and local experts will discuss cases in the format of “How Do I Treat” such cases.

Duration of Course: 6 Hours

Location: The IDF Air Force Home, 15 Ze,ev Jabotinsky st. HertzlIya

Max number of participants: 250